Beluga Whales

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There are numerous different types of whales. The best known courses are baleen and toothed. They are capable of producing many different sounds.
Beluga Whales use sound to find food and communicate with other creatures in the ocean. They are capable of creating high-pitched sounds, trills, whistles and squeals, and what seems like chirping, just to mention a few.
The different sounds are used for varying purposes including hunting prey, echolocation, navigation, and communication with other whales.
using the sounds they utter for echolocation, beluga whales can figure out important details of the goal including size, shape, distance and even how fast they’re traveling.
Beluga whales are excellent at living in ice-filled waters. They have an ability to find little cracks in the ice where they can surface to breathe.
All toothed whales have what’s known as a”melon.” This organ helps them interpret the sound waves that are produced with their echolocation efforts. The melon is made of fatty tissue and appears like a big forehead to us. However, it is really a part of the whales’ nose. It works in combination with the sinus and jaw and is a major component in the success of the species.
Some More Truth About Beluga Whales
What makes these white whales so interesting is their ability to change the shape of their melon. The way this is accomplished is by the passing of air around their sinuses.
From an anatomical view, belugas are somewhat different too. The vertebrae in their neck aren’t fused like other toothed whales. Because of this, the whales can turn their mind in a lateral or side-to-side motion. You can look in a beluga whale one moment and the next they look quite like another animal.
In addition to the facial expressions, another striking characteristic of the amazing species is their white colour. Due to this color, the beluga is also known as the white whale. If you find a white beluga you can be sure it is an adult. This is because when the whale is young it’s gray. As it matures it turns white or whitish gray. Because they are so interesting and comparatively small, some aquariums have beluga whales in their facility.
If you ever have the chance to experience beluga whale behavior firsthand, I highly recommend it.

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