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The octopus is a member of a subclass of cephalopods. They are symmetric, with two eyes and four pairs of their arms (the reason they’ve gotten the title octopus, which means eight). It’s more closely associated with the squid.
The octopus does not have a shell; it’s a hard beak, with its mouth in the centre. As they don’t have a skeleton they could squeeze through narrow places and their favorite location is coral reefs.
If you meet an octopus under the water, then move away as quickly as possible. They may not seem dangerous, but there is one type of octopus, the blue ringed octopus, which can be deadly. The octopus can change its color from red to gray, yellow, dark or greenish. In their back they have a type of muscular siphon. Water comes from the siphon, and the octopus takes the oxygen out of it. In this manner, the octopus can run away from a predator that has come too near.
The octopus moves by swimming and crawling. When they would like to travel slowly, they have a tendency to crawl with a pool. When they’re aided by the jet propulsionthey move really quickly, but even then they use walking and swimming.
When they crawl, they really walk their arms. Normally they use many legs simultaneously, on soft and solid surfaces.
This method of moving (locomotion) helps octopus to flee from a possible predator. However, moving assists the octopus to capture its prey also. The octopus eats mainly fish and goats, but if it’s hungry it grabs everything.
For ingestion, the octopus uses its powerful jaws, which resembles the beak of a parrot. It can bite carefully and in precisely the exact same time that it injects its poison. The poisonous liquid assists it in disabling its prey and its long arms, even though they make the octopus appear unusual with its suck holes, it’s with these it catches its prey and squeezes it securely.

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